The ICoVIS President is Professor V.I. Babitsky (Loughborough, UK).

The International Scientific Committee (ISC) is the governing body of the ICoVIS.

Main local activities of ICoVIS are carried out in various groups and centres all over the world. Technical Committees aim at international collaboration within respective topical areas.

Technical Committees of the International Centre on Vibro-Impact Systems:

  • TC1. Fundamentals
  • TC2. Vibration and impact protection
  • TC3. Percussive machines
  • TC4. Fluid-solid interaction
  • TC5. Impact fatigue
  • TC6. Dynamic friction and precise motion control
  • TC7. Mining and construction applications
  • TC8. Dynamics of mixtures
  • TC9. Ultrasonic machining
  • TC10. Control of fast mechanical processes
  • TC11. Contactless metrology
  • TC12. Medical & biomechanical applications