International Centre of Vibro-Impact Systems (ICoVIS) is an international scientific organisation with membership open to academic, research and industrial organizations and their representatives . The main aims of ICoVIS are:

  • To provide a forum for and build collaboration between academia and industry from different countries in the broad area of vibro-impact systems and processes
  • To provide a source of expertise on vibro-impact systems and processes
  • To develop world class technologies
  • To promote collaborative research
  • To educate young engineers and train researchers in the area of VIS
  • To organise International Workshops and Conferences on the subject

The main areas of interest for ICoVIS are:

  • excitation, synchronisation and stabilisation of vibro-impact processes
  • dynamics of vibro-impact machines and technological processes
  • vibration protection of operators and structures in harsh environment
  • non-linear phenomena due to vibro-impact interaction of solids
  • synergistic effects of repeated impacts on solids and granular media
  • non-linear fluid-solid interaction
  • analytical, experimental and numerical methods for the analysis of vibro- impact systems and processes
  • synthesis and optimisation of vibro-impact systems
  • measurements of vibro-impact processes

This list is by no means exhaustive. Activities within these areas are covered by Technical Committees of ICoVIS.